Leadership and Singing

I often use orchestral analogies in my work with leadership, likening the role of the leader to that of a conductor. To paraphrase the words of the wonderful Ben Zander (leadership expert and conductor of the Boston Philharmonic):

“The conductor might appear on the front of the CD, but he doesn’t play a note. He must continually ask himself: Are my players’ eyes shining? If not..…who am I being, that their eyes are not shining?”

Kate Lidbetter

During my years of working with top leaders, I have had a hobby: Singing. I am not very good - Aretha Franklin has nothing to worry about - but the experience of singing with others and working with an inspiring leader to coax performance has been educational and has often informed my leadership work.

I have become increasingly convinced of the benefits of group singing and since 2012, I have led local groups as a Choir Director - “please see www.voices.co

Thanks to the world of television and the also-wonderful Gareth Malone, the idea of workplace choirs has become more commonplace. Should you ever think about initiating one...do ask me.