Leadership Development

I have developed a number of core approaches for leadership development, all of which can be tailored to create a bespoke offering to fit your particular organisation exactly. Approaches are roughly divided into group work (consultancy) and one-to-one work (coaching) but a blend of both is often the most effective solution.


Group work: Consultancy

I will work closely with you to establish a cost-effective offering that targets your specific need. This might be one or a blend of the following:

  • Lectures/workshops on leadership essentials
  • Reviewing and bringing together your own previous work on leadership and values into a fresh, tight and easily applicable framework
  • Developing and delivering programmes to skill your people as leaders
  • Developing and delivering programmes to ensure non-leaders know how to be led
  • Offering a variety of MasterClasses on key leadership topics such as performance management, stakeholder and relationship management, influence and negotiation, managing culture and change and others
  • Running Action Learning Sets that focus on leadership issues.

Everything I do can either be delivered by myself and my Associates, or can be a blend of your people and mine, with the facilitation of full skills transfer. All programmes have pragmatic evaluation frameworks built in, so you can see exactly what the real impact of investing in leadership has on your organisation.

Typically, you will find that (unforced) attrition reduces, employee satisfaction levels rise and peer-ratings of leaders improve by 20%. Business performance targets are achieved 30% quicker in those organisations that choose to invest in leadership development compared with those that trust to luck.
Rates range from £1250 to £2500 plus VAT per day, with all sorts of creative discounts for volume.

Case Study:

Features of assignment:
Organisation with 1800 employees
Development programme for top 250 leaders
2.5 year duration

This privately-owned organisation was going through a period of rapid growth but in a tight-margin and competitive marketplace. Little previous development had been done with its cadre of leaders. A programme was developed that merged the company’s existing leadership work with Kate’s model. From this, a programme was designed and rolled out that provided each leader with a 4-month elapsed time suite of development that included Events, MasterClasses and Action Learning. The programme was nominated for an innovation award and achieved top rankings throughout delivery. Full skills transfer to enable it to be handed over to internal staff was completed. The company’s growth targets were achieved and leaders and their performers’ performance rankings improved significantly.

“The leadership programme developed for us represents a significant investment and a real success. Kate’s work in developing and delivering the programme has been very high quality. Kate’s approach is collaborative and bespoke, not taking a ‘one size fits all’ approach to leadership but truly partnering with us and thereby ensuring that the programme is tailored and relevant to us.” HR Director.