Career Development

Good leaders have important careers and it makes sense to take on some specialist support at key junctures in your journey. It may be where you are unsure about a next move, or where you are applying for a big new role, or perhaps where you have just been promoted and could use some support during the initial period.

My career development offering, as with everything I do, can be tailored to your particular circumstance. Usually it includes:

  • CV production (see also for my dedicated CV service)
  • Values analysis to help decide on what role to target
  • Interview coaching to ensure you show yourself at your very best
  • Strengths analysis so you are clear and articulate on where your best talents lie
  • Stakeholder management skills to ensure you deal appropriately with the brave new world of a big promotion.

It’s not dissimilar to coaching, but is more focused, generally runs for 3 sessions rather than 6 and is cheaper. Leaders often pay for this service themselves rather than have it covered by their organisation - which I take into account with costs. A package of 3 sessions including a CV is typically £1000 plus VAT.

That said, sometimes, organisations do unfortunately have to let people go and I can provide packages to cover these situations. I know from my own research that conventional outplacement can be too narrow to provide optimum support. My blend of practical advice plus personal coaching is an attractive alternative.

"Kate got me thinking about my values and what was truly important to me.  With her expert guidance, an action plan was developed which gave me clear steps and effective direction - I still return to it, update it and cannot overestimate its value.  Authentic coaching which clears your head, gives you focus and gets you moving forwards." Financial Controller, Media and TV Sector.