Anyone can be taught how to be a leader

That’s an authentic leader, true to their natural style, not some sort of upright clone. It is the case however, that once the components of leadership are really understood, not everyone wants to take on its mantle ...and that’s fine too. Leaders and performers – it takes both, but each needs to understand the role of the other. There is no sound from an orchestra unless the performers play, but the performers won’t excel without an inspired and inspiring conductor.

All organisations need an understanding of leadership and support for those precious people that have the inclination to want to lead others. I can help with this – it might be as small as a one-off coaching session, or a 3-year programme for hundreds. According to the Ministry of Defence (who like to count things) there are over 30,000 established and credible models of leadership out there in the world.

It’s no wonder that Warren Bennis says: “Of all the hazy and confounding areas in social psychology, leadership theory undoubtedly contends for top nomination. And ironically, probably more has been written and less is known about leadership than about any other topic in behavioural sciences.”

Kate has devoted over 30 years to distilling the real nuts and bolts of essential leadership. This is from a combination of primary research together with coalface work with hundreds of successful and inspirational leaders. She is also a visiting lecturer in leadership and career development at the University of Surrey, one of the UK’s top-20 Universities.